Rate: Please have the donation ready in an unsealed envelope, presented within the first 5 minutes of our time together. 


Hygiene: I am always immaculately groomed and expect the same in return. Please shower immediately prior to us meeting, and preferably be neatly trimmed and groomed "downtown". I will do my best to provide mouthwash, deodorant and other basic toiletries for you to use. 


YMMV for your experience if you are a smoker/have smokers breath, excessive hair "down there", or fail to use soap properly. Sorry to be blunt, but I wish to enjoy my time as well with you and poor hygiene prohibits this. 


Overall my session style is slow, seductive, teasing and sensual. I do NOT typically enjoy rough behaviour such as scratching, biting, choking, or pushing. Please be gentle and mindful of your nails, rough skin, and physical strength when touching me :)

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